30 March 2014

Frozen berries and molten chocolate sauce

I have no words. This is just plain scrumptious. This dessert is utterly decadent and unbelievably simple.

So first, get your berries out the freezer and into some bowls to thaw a little. You don't want to serve up solid lumps of ice. I have learnt from experience.

You're going to want to make a bain-marie so that your chocolate doesn't burn: first boil a pan of water.

Now place a bowl above the saucepan (making sure that it doesn't touch the water) and break in your chocolate...

 Just look at that. Heaven in a bowl.....

Next, pour in the cream...

(It's single cream so more is okay... right?!)

And mix together the melted chocolate and the cream


Keep this going until it is really, really warm [10-15 mins]

Lather onto the berries (this is just as good on ice-cream.... or a spoon..... but mostly a finger)


It is spectacular.

And as much as you tell yourself you are full and can't possibly eat any more - you will finish it.

 Case in point. (Sorry Anna.)


  • 300g frozen berries
  • 150g white chocolate
  • 150g single cream

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