I have my mum to thank for my undying, unyielding, absolute adoration, appreciation of and dedication to food. In my house, we have a bookshelf spanning the entire wall, stacked high with hundreds of cookbooks. 

You can't even venture into her office without being confronted by walls upon walls hidden by more cookbooks...

 I know most people say this about their mothers but sincerely, she is THE most wonderful cook I've ever encountered. My friends don't come over to see me, they come over for her cooking. 

My daily dose of food-porn: 

For continual new inspiration: Saveur's 

- Eve, my lovely chum and globe adventurer extraordinaire

The Londoner

Joy the baker

Top with cinnamon

Not without salt

Mimi Thorisson

What Katie Ate

Nigel Slater: Recipes

Cannelle Vanille

BBC Recipes

Jamie Oliver


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