5 November 2017

Pasta that packs a punch.

I love pasta. It's the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think about before I go to sleep. If I could have pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day, I would. And sometimes folks, I do.

Today I had pasta for brunch. I am a leeeeettle bit hungover and I just want carbs and I want them now. ASAP. So this dish is just perfect. It's fresh, it's fast, (f)uncomplicated (...) and FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Put your pasta on to boil.

Dice up your tomatoes real small and pop them in a bowl
Squeeze-in/chop your garlic
Grate your parmesan
Slice your basil

Lie on the floor for a little break because this manual labour is making you a bit nauseous but actually when your head hits the ground your world spins and you want it to swallow you so you just get back on with the pasta and hope that the carbs will soak up the hang.

Sprinkle in some salt
Drizzle some oil
Add a handful of rocket

When your pasta is done, mix it in with the goodies and TA DA the most diiivine, speediest (and most garlicy) pasta dish in the world.



  • pasta, as much as you can fit in your bowl
  • tomatoes, a handful
  • garlic, a clove, smashed
  • basil, a handful, sliced
  • parmesan, a lot, grated
  • rocket, a handful
  • oil, a generous and prolonged drizzle
  • salt, a hefty pinch

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