7 November 2016


I must admit today's post is a cop-out. It's a restaurant review.

I actually don't think I've cooked since my new course started in July. I can, however, not only recite to you every single dreary legal form you will ever encounter in your whole entire life, but I can also tell you what is on the top right corner of its fifteenth page and whether it is still legible through your tears (I kid, I kid).

It's been a dire few months but I've still managed to eat well, with great people. This is one of the occasions where I ate well but with awful people. Nightmare.

In pretty Barnsbury is a charming restaurant called Sunday. It is quite possibly the best brunch spot in the world.

Do not be put off by the enormous and daunting queue around the corner, it is 5,000% worth the wait. It's been blogged about left right and centre (the IndependentVogue, etc.) and is an instagrammer's dream.

The dishes are attractive, enormous and exquisite. The staff are friendly and super speedy. It's just lovely.

Anyway enough talking. You'll have to wait long enough once you get outside.
Let's ogle some v instagrammable pictures of food.

These are the crispy courgette fritters with great hunks of halloumi, a generous portion of avocado, a poached egg, yogurt and dukkah (£11)...

This dish is the pulled pork waffle benedict, yuzu hollandaise and avocado (£12).

This is my personal fave even though I dessspise sweetcorn - you've got your chubby, fluffy corn fritters, great chunks of kiln-smoked salmon, half an avocado chopped in a v. aesthetically pleasing manner, a slice of tomato and a generous wallop of crème fraiche (£11.50)

A half portion of the fluffiest, yummiest buttermilk pancakes with berry compote, crispy bacon, maple syrpup and crunchy honeycomb butter to share cause what is brunch without pudding amiright!!?!? (£6)

And here are some old pics from the gazillion times I have frequented this delightful spot...

Eggs Benedict with ham hock... I've ordered these once and never again. They're usually my go-to at brunchtime and don't get me wrong they were dellllicious at Sunday but I think it's an amazing sign when each and every other brunch option is more exciting than this classic. GO SUNDAY!

This is the insane Brioche French toast, vanilla crème fraîche, banana and salted caramel (£10)
Pic speaks for itself.

More pancakes for good measure...

And this is another time I ate the corn fritters and really went for it on the saturation front.

There is also an extensive drinks menu and alcohol is served from 10.30am - haaaallo Aperol Spritz and Bloody Marys (.... sorry if my spelling is a little skewiff #omg #cuffme #drinkinglegend)

PS. My favourite thing to do when I'm at a restaurant, and something I encourage everyone to do if you aren't already, is to search the restaurant on Instagram, click on 'Places' and select the restaurant. That way you can stalk everyone else's pictures of their meals and choose one that will compliment your own feed and rake in the likes. But I'm warning you not to do this for Sunday on an empty stomach cause the hanger will be uncontrollable. 

This picture is just to prove that I have friends.

169 Hemingford Road, Islington, London
Closed Mondays, 8.30 - 6pm Tuesday to Friday, 9 - 6pm Saturday and Sunday

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